When we carry out project audits for our clients, we examine the status of key factors related to project execution, with an emphasis on finances, progress, logistics and project dynamics. With this information as a basis, we can give our clients an accurate status update on how the project is progressing and identify any potential risks.

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Specific information reveals risk

In our project audits, we provide our clients with specific information about how the project organisation interacts internally and with the construction client. This information will enable you to detect potential risks early on and avoid costly conflicts down the road.

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Project auditing adapted to your project

Project auditing for design and build projects mainly focuses on how the planning and design were handled by the project organisation. This includes assessing how the project organisation conducts itself, how the delivery is organised and how it is delivered. For general contracting projects, where the construction client is responsible for the planning and design, we give our clients a status update on the implementation and progress, and identify areas of increased risk.

Get an external assessment

Sometimes you may feel that the information you receive from your contractors doesn’t quite match what you see on the construction site. Then you may want to get an external assessment of progress in relation to the contractual agreement. We can find out whether the project is being executed in line with your expectations when the contract was signed, identify risks and any errors, omissions, flaws and defects.

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