About us

Paradigme AS mainly offers assistance to companies in the construction industry, but also has experience from oil and gas industry

Our services often include analyses, calculations and documentation related to disagreements between the parties in a project. We are a supplement to legal services, and can assist you with analyses, advisory services and conflict management.

Contractors and construction clients

Our clients include both small and large contractors, i.e. general contractors, subcontractors, design and build contractors, as well as construction clients. Depending on your needs, our assistance may include assessing the documentation that serves as the basis for requirements related to finances and progress, determining whether there were specific project periods with reduced productivity and why, preparing timeline analyses and assessing whether there are grounds for making adjustments in the project implementation.

Interdisciplinary expertise and affiliation

Our staff has extensive project experience from the construction industry, expertise in finance, engineering and management, as well as specialised expertise in logistics. With our interdisciplinary team, we are in a unique position to gain a solid understanding of project circumstances and conditions and assess the basis of conflicts between parties. This enables us to solve complex, intricate and demanding issues.

Effective methodologies

Paradigme has real experience from project implementation and construction operations. We have established an interdisciplinary environment and developed our own methodologies to identify challenges in projects, based on international knowledge and cooperation with recognised international players.

Why choose Paradigme?

Our employees have extensive experience with issues from the construction industry. With over ten years in the industry, we have developed highly effective models, which we use to solve complex and demanding cases. Furthermore, we have a wealth of international expertise and are in many ways a link between international companies and the Norwegian market.

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